This pair of earrings is made of oxidised blank 925 Fairmined silver, formed like a bowl and with 23,75 karat gold leaf on the inside. The hook is made of 14 karat Fairmined gold.

Diameter of the bowl: 12 mm

Length: 35-37 mm

Designer: Sophie Rose

'Guck mal!' - gold hooks


    If you are looking for bold and colourful everyday-jewellery in high quality, with a minimalistic yet extravagant touch, the collection ‘Guck mal’ is made for you.

    This collection by German Jewellery Designer, Sophie Rose, living in Denmark, is called: ‘Guck mal!’ – German term for ‘Look!’ 
    The form causes an optical illusion, so you may both see the bowl or get the impression that the inside is popping out. "This made me think of my mother tongue and the surprising exclamation, 'Guck mal!'", says jewellery designer Sophie Rose.

    Made in Fairmined 925 silver, Fairmined 14 k gold, and 23,75 k gold leaf inside the bowl - Bowl diameter: 12 mm (also available in 15 mm)