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"Ms Morgan's dream" - A ring with a mission

Meet „Ms Morgan’s mercury free dream” - a unique Fairmined gold and morganite ring with a background story.

Handmade by Bogumil Bytomski, "Ms. Morgan's Dream" is our first jewel made from Fairmined certified gold. The gold was mined in the La Coqueta mine in Colombia.

The peach pink morganite comes from the Soares family mine of Minas Gerais in Brazil, operated in accordance with the principles of fair trade and in respect of the environment.

This gemstone, named after financier and gems collector J.P. Morgan, comes from the beryl group and is a cousin of emerald and aquamarine.

Using the morganite may give you a hint of part of the name of the ring, but maybe you are still wondering what this ring has to do with dreams of being mercury-free?

Firstly, as we know the exact place of origin of each ingredients of this ring - it is our dream of responsible jewelry coming true.

Secondly, and most important, it is a step on the way to make a dream of water and environment free from mercury pollution coming true, because it is made of Fairmined certified gold from a mine, that use mercury under strict safety procedures and works towards eliminating the use of mercury in future.

In addition, part of the proceeds from the sale of this unique gem will be allocated to the next stage of the fundraising campaign: Better without mercury.

The purpose of this campaign is to help purify the Colombian artisanal gold mine Gualconda, and its surroundings, from toxic mercury.

The miners of Gualconda mine, under leadership of Mr. Rolberto Alvarez, stopped using mercury to process gold ore in 2017, but after decades of mining with mercury, contaminated soils remain.

The plan includes full reclamation of the original processing site, creating 1000 meter nature trail with plants, trees and clean water pond for fish and ducks. Gualconda may become an educational model for responsible, mercury free gold mining.

We, the family behind the Bytomski/ Bytomska Jewelry workshop, are very happy to join Conscious Jewellery Designers with our first ring ever made of Fairmined gold.

Since 1973, we design and handmake silver and gold jewellery in our family workshop, always made by us and following our own taste. Our core values are freedom and independence. We choose our own ways, we trust our instincts and own abilities. We live and work close to the nature. It is our most important and permanent inspiration, source of energy and place to relax.

That is why we, in 2018, became first Fairmined licensed brand in Poland and started using Fairmined certified gold. Fairmined gold is obtained in a responsible manner and contributes to improve the well-being of the local mining communities and protect the environment. That is the way we wish to source our raw materials and why we are always looking for new sources of responsibly mined and fairly traded gemstones.

That is why also we believe that joining conscious people and working together to rise awareness is crucial for better future. Go, Conscious Jewellery Designers!

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